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Villa Pelagos is located in Paralia Katerinis.
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Villa Pelagos  is located in Paralia Pieria. It is only 150 meters from the coast and 200 meters. from the center of Paralia.

Κάντε κλίκ στην εικόνα

The Beach is a cosmopolitan coastline that stretches over an area of ​​several kilometers with fine, clean sand and shallow sea. A harbor suitable for small boats, offering countless entertainment options. Escape with water sports, enjoy endless fun moments in the vast white sand beach. which is the longest beach in Greece with a length of up to 70 km. The market town of Beach has a variety of souvenirs but also luxury items. There are amusement parks and playgrounds for our younger guests. Vibrant nightlife with numerous bars and nightclubs high standards that will satisfy your every desire. From here you can gaze at the Olympus and Pieria, the mountain of the Muses and the Pierides visit all the attractions of the county. It is 8 km from the town of Katerini, which is the capital of the prefecture.

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